Celebrity Duck and the photo shoot

Celebrity Duck ready for the photo shoot!

Hi, my name is Celebrity Duck, and I live here at the Green Lake, Rotorua, New Zealand for some of the year, with my family.

Green Lake also know as Lake Rotokakahi
Lake Rotokakahi (Green Lake) near The Landing Cafe.

As a family, we enjoy meeting lots of tourists to our Lake, which is known by two names, Green Lake and Lake Rotokakahi.

The lake is sacred to the Maori people of New Zealand, so activities are restricted here.

Lake Rotokakahi has a deep emerald green colour, that’s why it also goes by the name the Green Lake. The lakes green colouring stands out due to the shallow sandy nature of the lakebed.

Celebrity Duck Family, two in the water and Celebrity Duck waddling on the edge of the lake.
Celebrity Duck family enjoying the waters edge on the Green Lake.

I get my name Celebrity, because, well I am a friendly Duck. Subsequently, I spend a bit of my time posing for photographs from the people visiting The Landing at the Green Lake.

Celebrity Duck - this is my best side
Make sure that you capture my best side.

The most important part of when you are taking photos of me is that you get the right angle to show me off. Otherwise, I do get a bit of a grump!

Celebrity Duck wanting to make sure the right angle shot was taken.
Celebrity Duck wanting to make sure the right angle shot was taken.

Coming up close for the intermate photo is a specialty of mine, but don’t get too close and hands off! I am just not a touchy-feely sort of Duck!

Celebrity Duck close up
You can get close but not too close, I am just not touchy-feely sort of Duck!

You can also get pictures of what we do the best, cruising along the water edge observing life and people going by until the next photo shoot I am asked to do.

Celebrity Duck on the waters edge observing tourist on land
Celebrity Duck observing tourists and waiting for the next photo shoot!

So, from the family and me, until next time. Have fun!

Celebrity Duck Family departing on another journey.
Goodbye, we’re are off to another photo shoot.


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