The great garden desire – to do or not to do. That is the question!

Recently I found myself developing a desire to be outside in the garden, I started wondering if it was an age aspect or something that happens when removed from the everyday hustle and bustle of the business world by becoming surplus to requirements. Some people consider redundancy as a negative, yet for me, I was able to rid myself of the mortgage, and that has to be positive. The mortgage freedom felt glorious, the noose no longer around my neck,  an enormously powerful feeling, but do I need to tell anybody that!

A freedom dream – the garden!

Human economic survival is still essential, and in a strange quirk, I still find myself working for the same organisation, though in a different position. From time-to-time, I do wonder should full-time employed be as essential as-it-is, yet, that employment is crucial to all of us for various reasons. In the future, I know that I will make a decision, employment or nature, and the importance of money will be less and other aspects of life like gardening, going outdoors, living the freedom dream will be more desired than the pursuit of wealth. After all, being outside in the fresh air has excellent health and mental stimulation benefits.

Gardening has been slowly dragging me in that direction for years, I have been mucking around in the garden never knowing what I am doing, pulling weeds, filling rubbish bags of debris for the waste people to pick up. I even have two compost bins of grass clippings and leaves that I know will break down within a short space of time. And also for years, I have supplied a small worm farm of my food scraps, my thoughts behind this were to reduce waste going out the garden gate and make use of it on the garden. However, it took me a long time to realise the value of the compost for the garden.

Years went by before I did anything with the compost, it just kept mounting up until one day the small number of flowers and vegetables around the garden obtained some great value from the nutrients and thanked me for it, with an increased level of growth and a healthier looking plants.

Flowers and Vegetables

The minor successes in the garden that I have had has been thrilling, to see flowers and vegetables grow into something beautiful or edible. The achievement brings about a desire to go on a new garden adventure; I started with some easy grow vegetables like coriander, beetroot, spring onion and silverbeet. The silverbeet is still producing edible leaves, we just cannot get enough of it. I even put down some flower seeds; which rewarded me with a beautiful array of flowers.

Carpet rose bush in the garden, gave a new found confidence in life
The great garden desire - to do or not to do. That is the question! 4

New found garden confidence

With my garden confidence increasing; my new adventure was starting. I wanted to grow more, and with my love of fruit, I decided to plant a couple of pear trees and also add colour to the garden with some carpet roses. I am looking forward to the next few years as the trees and roses develop, this will be a great learning experience how these pear trees and roses grow and develop.

Different results and learnings have already commenced with the four carpet rose plants. I found the ideal sunny location for the roses. Two of the plants have grown strongly, yet two plants have struggled, the growth of the weaker plants are about one-fifth of the two most robust plants. I want to find out why? With many a person giving advice and their thoughts on why.

There is definitely a lot to learn about the garden and getting outdoors and no doubt for me this is just the start. Come and join me on the journey.

The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.

Alfred Austin

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  1. Nature and gardening bring joy to a person’s life. Have been outside enjoying the beauty of this world for decades – it just soothes one’s soul. A lot of times Mother Nature messes up the garden plans – as it has done here in wet Arkansas U,S,A, this year with an excess of rain and humidity. Good luck with your garden.

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