Beautiful Chinese Cabbage – Tatsoi

A rosette shaped Chinese Tatsoi

Whenever I am planting for the seasonal vegetable garden, I like to find something new, grow it, cook it and eat it. This year the choice was the Chinese Cabbage – Tatsoi. The Tatsoi name appealed to me. And there are so many ways to prepare and cook Cabbage. What’s the worst that can go wrong cooking cabbage, nothing really, Cabbage is good for soup or stir-fry or as a green leaf colour variation in a salad. I have to say I am a lazy cook, so it will be infrequent in this blog that I will be giving cooking tips! I prefer to stick to the garden and producing the ingredients rather than the end process of turning the produce into something incredible to eat. There are far better cooks than me in my family.

The Tatsoi Cabbage is a show-off

The label on the seedlings did not do it justice to the product. So, I was unaware of how the Cabbage would appear when growing, so it was somewhat of a surprise with its large dark green, spoon-shaped leaves.

The Tatsoi Cabbage is a real show-off plant; it wants to be noticed and draws people who are unfamiliar with it into a discussion with ‘ what type of plant is that!’ The ground-hugging nature also makes it a talking point too. The more Tatsoi that grows within the garden, the more impressive visually they are. Tatsoi grows in a compact rosette form about 6 inches wide that hugs the ground in cold weather but becomes more upright in warmer temperatures.

Plant when temperatures are starting to drop

I planted in late-Autumn in a full sun position with some compost and fertiliser.  The Cabbage likes cooler temperatures. The temperatures were starting to drop and were just right for planting. And just a short 45 days later I was pinching the lower outer green leaves to remove them for cooking and placing in salad dishes. I was taking just enough for my needs, leaving the balance of the leaves to continue to grow.  Like a rosette removing the Cabbages lower outer bigger leaves, leaving the next layer up to continue to grow.

Cabbage health benefits

Cabbages have a lot of health benefits, which include lowering blood pressure by reducing the intake of sodium, which then improves cardiovascular health. Cabbage can also be useful for the eyes, skin, digestion and helps absorb fat, thereby reducing inflammation.


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