6 garden tasks for an awe-inspiring garden!

A beautiful garden setting with flowers, trees and a pond

Here’s a list of 6 garden tasks for you the Learner Gardener to consider over the coming summer!

We are fast heading towards Christmas 2020 and the New Year.

Currently, COVID19 is to the fore, as well as general elections in different countries. I just cannot believe the year has gone by so quick, and haven’t we had a lot to occupy ourselves! So, at times like this, we need to make sure we attend the tasks in the garden we should complete.

In my last article – Gardeners should keep a Gardening Journal – 9 reasons why! – reason 5, I stated:

Garden Planning and TODO list – Gardening is all about planning, whether it is for the next few weeks or the following year. I keep notes on what I want to see planted in the garden and a TODO list for the immediate future. Gardening is also all about knowing when to buy a plant. A gentle reminder can help with future planning. Jobs can slip the mind quickly if another task unrelated to gardening come to the fore.

Pre-planning can give any gardener time for extra tasks. Or simple relaxation, grabbing a book and a beverage and finding your secret garden spot. Enjoying it, and making the most of the effort you, as the gardener has put in.

Here are some 6 garden tasks to make your garden awe-inspiring!

6 garden tasks for an awe-inspiring garden.
Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com
  1. WEED CONTROL – Keep the pesky weeds under control, as they will compete for water and soil nutrients.
  2. APPLY MULCH – Continue to apply mulch to reduce weeds and retain moisture.
  3. WATER YOUR PLANTS – Water well, particularly during dry periods. Water mornings rather evenings, this will reduce your plants attracting disease. In areas where water restrictions are in place or if you are on tank water, consider the required amount of water to get you through the summer. A new or additional water tank may go a long way, and save you money in the long term.
    1. Prune your trees as required. Make sure that you are doing this on a clear, dry day to prevent the spread of any disease.
    1. Check trees are securely staked to support the tree and root systems. Where I live, winds can batter the trees quite severely, so staking becomes important, particularly for new fruit trees.
    1. Check for pests and diseases regularly and undertake the necessary treatment. Watch out for mildew, rust, scale, caterpillars, codling moth, aphids and thrips.
    1. Water when conditions are becoming dry, but mainly when the fruit is forming and coming close to harvest.
    1. Get ready for your harvest time and know what you are going to do with your harvest! Freeze, dry, preserve or giveaway!
    1. Stimulate the flowerbeds by applying the recommended levels of compost, sheep pellets and fertiliser.
    1. Remove faded or dead blooms from flowering plants.
    1. Plant up hanging baskets, tubs, and window boxes.
    1. Cut back old fuchsia stems, once new stems appear to let the new stems flourish.
    1. Protect Roses from pests and diseases.
    1. Apply mulch around the garden
    1. Consider plants that you wish to sow and seedling and perennials that need to be planted.
    1. Pick the flowers that you would like to pick for indoors but consider which are the best to choose!
    1. There are all sorts of vegetables to sow at this time of year. Choose some of the old favourites and maybe a couple of new vegetable varieties as well.
    1. Transplant your seedling as and when required.
    1. Protect your vegetables. Consider the pests and diseases, monitor and be ready to apply the required protection.
    1. Replenish soils with fertiliser.
    1. Harvest those vegetables that are ready!
    1. Pinch out laterals on tomatoes and spray to control fungal infection.
    1. Thin vegetables that need thinning out like carrots.

Every garden is different, so consider your garden and tasks that I have not included above!

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