Starting to grow a garden. 5 simple tips for success

Starting to grow a garden - Here are 5 simple steps

Starting to grow a garden is simple. Follow these 5 simple tips for success.

Know your environment

Starting to grow a garden then you need to know your environment.
Starting to grow a garden – Know your environment – Photo by Ronaldo de Oliveira on Unsplash

Know your environment! This cannot be stressed more.

Look around the neighbourhood at other peoples gardens. Look at what is growing in the neighbourhood. Research the environment.

Look for local garden groups where you can attend their meetings and show days. Local garden groups usually have a wealth of knowledge and normally only too happy to have new members join.

Or, if your neighbour has a great garden, approach them and ask them questions. The majority of the time, people are only too willing to help.

Facebook is also a suitable environment for gardeners. Find Facebook gardening groups that are active and knowledgeable on gardening. I have joined multiple groups and even groups like beekeeping that I never thought I would. I joined the beekeeping group because I have an interest, more than I have a hive. And bees do a great job in the garden.

Be prepared for failure

Starting to grow a garden - Be prepared for failure but learn from your failure.
Starting to grow a garden – Be prepared for failure but learn from the failure – Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Gardening can be hard at times; plants can determine their own fate. But gardeners can make many mistakes too. I cannot count the times that I have made a simple error with the plant, like not having the plant in the right environment or free-draining soil or pot, to find a few days later the plant has just given up.

Further to being insightful about your environment. Is understanding your plant and the situation that the plant will like to grow in within your garden.

  • What does your plant like full sun, partial shade, full shade?
  • What watering regime is best for your plant.
  • When is the best time to fertilise?
  • What fertiliser should be used?

Start simple

Starting to grow a garden - Start simple!
Starting to grow a garden – Start simple – Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Don’t get all carried away and start on a big garden if you are a learner gardener. Start small, what you can manage with the time you have available. Look at your garden environment and what you want to grow. Even start in pots and slowly expand. Whichever way you go, plan and research.

Be aware of vegetables or plants that are going to be a challenge. If you are for the challenge – good. However, if you are not and don’t have the confidence – avoid it.

Another thing to be aware of are plants that spread over large areas, like pumpkins. If you do not have a large growing area, don’t grow plants that spread. Try plants and vegetables that grow within the space you have available.

Grow plants and vegetables that are simple to grow

Starting to grow a garden - Grow plants and vegetables that are easy to grow!
Starting to grow a garden – Grow plants and vegetables that are easy to grow – Photo by Soo Ann Woon on Unsplash

Again, the principle is to start simple. This is especially true if the learning involves children. Children love to see success, and the best way of success is finding plants that will grow. Again talk to your garden centre or to locals or neighbours around your area.

A sub-sect of this is growing vegetables that you will consume. Children especially will love this to see it growing in the garden and then being cooked and eaten.

Remember, most vegetables require a full sun situation.

Buy good products

Starting to grow a garden - Buy good products
Starting to grow a garden – Buy good products – Photo by Gabi Miranda on Unsplash

Always buy premium products if you can. Especially if you are starting off. Buying premium will improve your success rate. After all, it is all about you starting a garden and taking it further and, of course, enjoying what you have achieved. Cheaper garden products like potting mix or mulch can cause issues. They are not always tested to a reasonable level and can lead to garden failure.

Buying premium is has a budget impact, so if you cannot afford the premium, don’t be put off; give the cheaper brands a go anyway.

The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.

Alfred Austin

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