About The Learner Gardener

About Bruce – The Learner Gardener.

Bruce has been a passionate traveller, photographer and avid film nut since his teenage years. Bruce now classifies himself as an L-Plate gardener, a learner gardener.

Bruce’s time is now spent learning about the garden, horticulture and its environment. It’s a fun new challenge that Bruce is going to write about. With hope, other new gardeners will learn from and offer support and advise. ‘A community of new gardeners, all giving input and advice would be great’ Bruce says. It’s going to be the good, the bad and the ugly of Bruce’s gardening experiences.

Bruce has also built up an extensive knowledge of travelling and photography. Travelling alone or in groups, as a participant or leading the group Bruce is equally happy whatever the environment.

Born and raised in Auckland, Bruce started touring as soon as he could in his teenage years. When he purchased his first car, he began travelling around New Zealand’s North Island. Then to Australia before going further afield to the United States of America, United Kingdom, and Europe. But, Bruce loves the country that he was born in and travels around New Zealand time and time again. A camera always on hand to record that precious moment and the great sites that he sees on his travels.

In his spare time, Bruce enjoys watching a good movie. He has now found a love of plants and getting out in the fresh air to the garden.

Bruce’s other passion, which he devotes time to is writing and this blog.