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To be a supermarket

Supermarket trolleys waiting to be used during lockdown

A story about lockdown in New Zealand and sorting out what is an essential business or not.

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Celebrity Duck

Make sure that you capture my best angle. This is my side glance view, said Celebrity Duck.

A story about a duck that wanted to be a celebrity, or did he. The camera was rolling and Celebrity Duck was ready and waiting.

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Whakarewarewa Redwood Forest

The Redwood Forest in Rotorua gives you the opportunity to walk among the trees.

A group of tourists requested a trip to the magificent Whakarewarewa Redwood Forest.

The forest is a hidden gem for nature lovers, walkers, mountain bikers, and horse riders.

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The magnificent Blue and Green Lakes, Rotorua

Green Lake
The Green Lake as it is viewed from the lookout.

The magnificent Blue and Green Lakes are also known by their Māori names of Lake Tikitapu and Lake Rotokakahi and are a big drawcard for locals and visitors to Rotorua alike.

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The discovery of the Terracotta Warriors

A massive vault of the Terracotta Warriors.

Now described by many as the eighth wonder of the world, the Terracotta Warriors may never have been brought to the world’s attention and remained hidden forever.

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The Beijing Hutongs

The Beijings are a very crowded environment

The Beijing Hutongs are like stepping back into the past but still being in the present. Read about our visit to the Hutongs.

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Qianmen Street reborn

Qianmen Street looking south.

Historic, ancient, once prosperous, once rundown, and now a vital shopping and tourist precinct, Qianmen Street has roots in the Yuan Dynasty of the 11th Century and its destiny in the future.

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Dreaming and planning a successful trip to China

China on a world globe.

When I was a young boy in the 1970’s and looking at the atlas, I always took a keen interest in two countries, simply due to their size. One was the USSR, and the other one was China. I remember thinking that I will probably never travel to those countries, they were simply beyond my reach as a young boy, however that was to change.

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For something different from The Learner Gardener: A selection of poems

The Seasons

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Sunshine and Shadows

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A good deed for the day

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